Chair case: details of the tower and the flat
Chair case: details of the tower and the flat

Martinikirche Halberstadt

The first citation of St. Martini in the year 1186 - today’s building was erected in the time interval of 1250 to 1350. The tracery designs of the windows and the rosettes are multifaceted.. The two high towers, differing in form, have been from the beginning in ownership of the municipal administration. They served for the watchmen as an observation point for the surrounding land and the town.

In Autumn 1989, the church was the site of the “Prayers for our Country” and was the initial meeting point for the peaceful change in Halberstadt.

Currently, the Martinikirche is the lieu for special events relating to the town-history, for concerts, theatre and exhibitions.

Since December 2004, one can hear again the chimes of the historical bells.