Main case: bust of the moon goddess below the central tower

Michael Praetorius

Michael Praetorius was born in Ceuzburg/ Thuringia in 1571 and died at Wolfenbüttel in the year 1621. Since about 1593, he was in commission of the Halberstadt Bishop Heinrich Julius. In 1595, the construction of the David Beck organ was completed in Gröningen. The inauguration of this organ took place in the context of a splendid meeting of 53 organists in summer 1596. It is said that Praetorius collaborated intensively with the organ-builders Esaias Compenius and David Beck.

We owe to Michael Praetorius the origin of the “Syntagma musicum”, a comprehensive work of music history which delivers insights into how music was played and organs were built in this period. This work by Praetorius with its description of the Beck organ is one of the fundamental works for the rebuildingof the instrument in St. Martini at Halberstadt.

There is a high probability that Michael Praetorius and Anna Lakenmacher - a woman from Halberstadt - married in St. Martini at Halberstadt on the 3rd of September 1603. The Protestant pastor Daniel Sachse - a relative of Praetorius – conducted the marriage ceremonty. At that time, another organ by Beck was installed in the church.