Main case: the head of an angel below the right pointed tower


  • Chairman: Mr. Ulrich Schäffner, Superintendent a.D.
  • Vice Chairman: Mr. KMD Claus-Erhard Heinrich, Domkantor
  • Treasurer: Mr. Andreas Karger,
  • Mrs. Hanna Schöne-Warnefeld
  • Secretary: Mrs. Hanna Schöne-Warnefeld
  • Editor of the website: Mr. Dieter Naumann
  • Honorary member of the Board: Monsieur Jean-Charles Ablitzer, Organist of the Cathedrale Saint-Christophe in Belfort/France

Picture by Martin Linde/Leipzig


The Promotion Society OGR („Organum gruningense redivivum – die Michael – Praetorius – Orgel für St. Martini in Halberstadt e.V.“) appeals to all persons and organisations with devotion for music on the „queen of instruments” with the request to become an member. In this way you can specifically promote the work of the society and contribute by the rebuilding of this unique instrument.

Currently OGR has about 60 members from Germany, France, Netherlands and Switzerland.