The main case of the organ of St. Martin in Halberstadt
The main case of the organ of St. Martin in Halberstadt

Organum gruningense redivivum – die Michael-Praetorius-Orgel für St. Martini in Halberstadt

May the celebrated Gröningen Organ revive in Halberstadt

The organ case in the church of St Martin, Halberstadt, is a monument of the greatest importance, a part of the world heritage of the history of music. David Beck's fifty-nine stop instrument, built in 1596 for Gröningen castle, was the fruit of a unique experience in organbuilding. Studying its marvellous tonal palette in our time will heip us to understand the musical evolution of the whole pre-baroque period. The project of reconstructing this instrument certainly represents a challenge similar to the one given to its original creator.

The General Council of the Territory of Belfort is delighted at this initiative taken by Jean-Charles Ablitzer and French and German organ enthusiasts. They have committed themselves to taking part in devolved cooperative projects developed by Halberstadt Landkreis (Regional Government) and the Territory of Belfort. But they are also working towards bringing our cultures cioser together in a region which was one of the cradles of the development of the arts and European humanism.

Europe is seeking to find itself in a troubled world. lt is agreeable therefore to recall that our common
cultural roots are part of the foundations of the new European identity which we are all obliged to create for generations to come.

Yves Ackermann
Président du Conseil général du Territoire de Belfort



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