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The David-Beck-Organ of the Chapel of Gröningen castle was transferred to St. Martini church in Halberstadt in the year 1770

In the year 1592 Duke Heinrich Julius of Braunschweig and Lüneburg and Bishop of Halberstadt instructed the organ builder David Beck, who was based in Halberstadt, to make an instrument for the chapel of his castle at Gröningen. The building of this castle, a large and beautiful Renaissance - edifice with four wings and a tower had been entrusted to the architect Christioph Tendler in 1586 and was finished in 1594. An old castle, the summer residence of the bishops of Halberstadt already existed where the new castle was to stand. Gröningen is a little town about 10 km placed 10 km from Halberstadt towards Magdeburg.
Source: Jean-Charles Ablitzer - The David Beck Organ of the Castle Chapel in Gröningen